Sidney Smith is a talented, high-energy professional comedian, whose approach to comedy is very simple: “We all are dysfunctional in one way or another and there’s nothing wrong with laughing at ourselves. True comedy allows us to absorb and take advantage of life’s teachable moments in a humorous fashion.” This is the refreshing perspective that Sidney Smith brings to the stage with every performance.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Sidney’s comedy is “true comedy” indeed. It is a hilarious reflection of his life experiences, from his childhood growing up as the “only black kid in a white neighborhood” to the everyday challenges of adulthood that we all face in a world that has seemingly gone mad.

Whether he’s poking fun at parenting, relationships or social interaction, Sidney’s intuitive style has a unique way of bringing our daily struggles to light in a comical way that everyone can relate to. No matter the audience, Sidney’s humor resonates with everyone. As he says, “Comedy should bring everyone in theroom under the same umbrella of commonality and comfortability.”

Sidney has been successfully been entertaining audiences with his “true comedy” by sharing the stage with a variety of long time funny people, such as Jessimae Peluso, Leonard Ouzts, Sinbad, Ms. Pat and Johnny Sanchez at a variety of comedy clubs and professional venues stretching from Michigan to California, such as “The Laugh Factory” “The Improv”, “The House of Comedy” and many others for more than seven years. And the quotes speak for themselves:

So, if you want an evening of great laughs, you want Sidney Smith. Because when it comes to pure, no-nonsense comedy, he is “the truth!”.